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Posted by Rachna Pandya on March 30, 2012

Sujoy worked on cost-cutting for ‘Kahaani’
When Sujoy Ghosh was writing Kahaani’s script, his extensively promoted and expensive film ‘Aladin’ bombed at the box office. This made the process of funding ‘Kahaani’ a grueling and drawn-out affair.

Sujoy learned from the mistakes he made while making ‘Aladin’ and made sure he could assure Kahaani’s producers minimum budget so as to minimize the risk, if not eliminating it completely.

“I couldn't have gone ahead and told people that 'Hey, let's make a 30 crore budget movie with Vidya as a solo lead. And yeah, by the way she plays a pregnant woman covered from head to toe in the film.”, expressed Sujoy.

The ‘Kahaani’ director confessed that he worked laboriously to slice off the film’s budget.

How the director succeeded?
The director apparently wrapped up the shooting within 50 days' time period against 60-65 days of normal shooting period required in a contemporary movie of this magnitude.

This move helped him balancing the budget of ‘Kahaani’ which is mostly shot on the claustrophobic streets and by-lanes of the vibrant ‘City Of Joy’ – Kolkata.

The 45 year old filmaker elucidated, "Of course this also meant that there was a lot of emphasis on planning, scheduling and the actual shoot. I had an inkling that eventually I would be able to make KAHAANI in one third budget of what was written on paper."


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