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Posted by neera on February 28, 2012

The 33-year-old Pakistani actress who has been in and out of controversies aired her views on the occasion of her surprise birthday party in Mumbai on Monday.

Veena Malik said, "Pakistan is my nation of birth, and there are many there who follow me. There are many boys and girls who love me. Yet, it's not necessary for everybody to love me, and I, too, can't please everybody.

"There are different types of people living in every nation. There are people like me too, but this does not mean that the whole of Pakistan is like me. There are people who like me."

Veena- Bobby lock lips
Malik, who has made headlines ever since an Indian fashion magazine published her completely naked photo, created a furor on her birthday bash at a Juhu lounge bar on Sunday.

The controversy queen grabbed eye balls as she locked lips with friend and co-star Bobby Darling.

Explaining the incident, Bobby stated, “Veena and I share a very good relationship. I love her. We greet each other like this every time. Why do people have a problem with our way of greeting each other?”

On her part, Veena found the gesture endearing. “It was very cute. Bobby just came and kissed me. I think it was a beautiful gesture and I’m alright with it. It was just a tap on the lips, not really a French kiss. I’m ok with Bobby or my girlfriends doing it,” she says.

All set for reality show Swayamvar
Meanwhile, the Pakistani actress is quite upbeat about her upcoming reality show Swayamvar titled 'Veena Ka Vivaah' on NDTV Imagine. She is confident of meeting her prince charming on the show.

The actress said, “Swayamvar is happening and very much happening. I seriously wish that I find my Mr Right on 'Swayamvar' and I am sure I will find him. If I do find him on the show, then I will definitely go for marriage."

Previous controversies
Veena came into the limelight after she accused her boyfriend, Pakistani bowler Mohammed Asif of being involved in match fixing.

She ran into trouble with clerics for immoral behavior in reality show 'Bigg Boss' for wearing shorts and intimacy with Ashmit Patel.

Malik received a lot of criticism from hardliners in Pakistan for a topless photo shoot on the cover page of FHM magazine. Following the scandal, Veena was accused of defaming her country and even received death threats for sporting ‘ISI’ mark on her arm.

Wonder which other dhamaka she has up her sleeve!!


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