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Posted by padmapreetham on February 09, 2012

The actor who is now busy travelling across the country shooting the montage from different places for his first TV show was recently spotted in Kashmir.

After his arrival in Srinagar, the superstar was keen to take a trip to all the tourist resorts and even visited Sonamarg, Gund, Memer, Kangan and Dal Lake.

The actor who is smitten with the scenic beauty of the valley told reporters that he loves being in Kashmir.

Enjoying the expedition in Kashmir, the actor further added that Bollywood filmmakers should start visiting the place like earlier times to shoot their films.

“There was a time when almost all the movies of Bollywood were shot in the Valley. I hope that time has come and I wish more and more film makers start visiting Kashmir to shoot their movies. Kashmir is really a paradise and there is no need to visit any other place when you visit Kashmir.”

“Last time I came here was to shoot MANN (1999). I wish and hope Bollywood starts shooting films here like the good old times. My uncle (filmmaker Nasir Husain) used to shoot his films in Kashmir,” Aamir told the reporters.

Meanwhile, a source also confirmed that the actor shot an advertisement for Incredible India in Kashmir, however, the actor hasn’t revealed anything about it.

Aamir to visit Delhi, Gujarat and Kolkata
Aamir who is tight lipped about his television show is not giving out any details about his shooting for the series, but is said to be heading to Delhi, Gujarat and Kolkata.

"Aamir is on a trip across the country. He has been travelling and shooting something. However, what exactly he has been shooting nobody knows. The idea is to get a montage from these shoots. However, even his unit is clueless about how Aamir wants to showcase the montage," said the source.


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