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Posted by Anupreet Kaur on February 09, 2012

Without divulging much detail about the operation in his blog on Thursday, Big B wrote that the surgery is “not complicated” and CT scan will be taken tomorrow.

The actor also mentioned about the course of injections that he was undergoing due to the ailment which is likely to continue for some days.

“There has been a dosage of injections intravenous that began to day and shall continue for a few days .. a pain in the abdomen has to be investigated tomorrow under a CT Scan and then and only then shall the ok for the surgery be given,” wrote Big B.

Besides, the superstar will be taking complete rest for certain weeks after the operation.

“So the next few weeks shall be full of nothing else but the hospital and medical bulletins .. boring it may be but it shall be as informative as possible,” he added.

About Big B’s illness
Big B has been dealing with stomach illness for long. It all began on the sets of ‘Coolie’ in 1982 when Big B met a serious accident during a fighting sequence and “ruptured his spleen”. He even got operated six years ago for the same reason.

In 2008, the 69-year-old actor was again admitted in hospital due to abdominal pains.

Tagging his stomach as “the bed of many complicated battles”, Big B wrote, “Its a war zone, my body, and one which has been through a great deal and still does. I sometimes lament the fact that I do not have the benefit of a complete and ailment free body structure, and I wonder how wonderful it would be to be normal again.”


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