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Posted by padmapreetham on January 26, 2012

On Monday fire broke out on the sets of the reality show and caused huge damage. A source has revealed that the entire set located at a studio in Vrundavan Madh Island has been damaged after the unfortunate incident that was caused due to an electrical short circuit.

Meanwhile, it’s reported that there were no casualties, although there were 20 people present when the incident took place.

“It was an extremely unfortunate event. Due to some electrical fault, the set caught fire and within minutes spread across the sets. Early evening the entire team had gone and done a recee and only about 20 people from the light and set department were wrapping light adjustments when the fire broke out. Luckily everyone was cleared and there were no casualties,” said the source.

It’s reported that Aamir’s special security team that was present at the studio had managed to douse the flames when the fire spread rapidly and attended to it immediately much before the fire brigade reached the place.

It’s also heard that the fire caused much damage to the estimated Rs 1 crore set.

A unit member added, “Someone from the technical department was doing a routine round of check in the night. While checking the lighting section there was a spark and then the fire spread onto the entire floor. In fact, the very same day, a team of around 20 members from Aamir's office had visited the set during the day to take some creative calls."

Aamir relieved as there were no casualties
Aamir who was looking forward to starting work on his first TV show was relieved that no one was injured after the fire spread on to the entire set.

Talking to the reporters, Aamir stated, "I am just very relieved that there were no injuries or casualties. Thank God."


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