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Posted by padmapreetham on October 11, 2011

This is the second time the team of Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority has sent a legal notice to the actor for not abiding by the applicable environmental regulations.

It’s learnt that King Khan had earlier received a notice for neglecting the rules while building his six storey abode near the coastal area.

The MCZMA had asked the Municipal commissioner Subodh Kumar to look into the matter as soon as possible.

Shahrukh hasn’t responded on the notice
After having received the notice for the second time from the Maharashtra Coastal Zone Management Authority, Shahrukh has not yet given his comment on the issue.

It’s reported that without the prior permission from the MCZMA, the actor had build his residential property in the coastal regulatory zone. And the approval is mandatory as the plot of his land falls near the seashore.

Moreover, before setting up the building the actor apparently didn’t take permission to demolish the two heritage buildings which stood in the plot and its learnt that the same land was held in reserve for the public.

Incidentally, the actor also violated the Costal Regulatory zone by designing the building and making an underground parking lot without following the regulatory norms.

Shahrukh and Salman to patch up?
Gearing up for the release of his solo film 'My Friend Pinto', Prateik Babbar has vowed to make these two rival actors bridge the rift before the release of his forthcoming film.

“They`re wonderful human beings. I know them both and I love them equally. I want to bring them together because I see it as a futile war.I am not telling you my exact plan because I`m superstitious. But, yes, I`m working on it.

"On the day of the premiere of my film `My Friend Pinto`, I hope to be flanked by Salman and Shah Rukh. I even hope they will do a dance with me.... one of peace and friendship,” stated the actor.


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