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Posted by padmapreetham on September 18, 2011

Railways want the makers to carry a disclaimer
Controversies over films has become a joke in Bollywood nowadays, as none of them seems to come clean without a mild bit of hullabaloo.

And 'Mausam', for the second time, is running into trouble before its release.

Incidentally, its heard that the Railways have shown their discontentment on a scene where Shahid does a risky stunt of crossing the railway line in a fast paced car before a passing train.

The Railways have apparently decided to take the matter to the makers by asking them to carry a disclaimer so that people don't try that act.

The promos of the dangerous action scene have been aired on TV and the Railways are planning to send a letter to the film’s team so that a disclaimer is put on that scene.

My character in 'Mausam' is completely opposite to who I am --Sonam
The ‘Aisha’ star is gung ho about 'Mausam' as the film reminds her of classic love stories. The actress who has portrayed a typical coy Kashmiri girl in the film recently stated that it had been difficult for her to essay this character since it’s completely opposite to her real life character.

Talking about her strong character in 'Mausam', the actress revealed that to get her expression right for her character, Sonam had watched old movies of Nutan.

Talking further about 'Mausam', Sonam stated, “I am a very romantic person and the film, which is about four seasons of love, reinstated my faith in love. This is why when I was in Edinburgh, which is the second season in the movie, I felt like I was a part of Emily Bronte's 'Wuthering Heights'.”


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