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Posted by Yashika kapoor on May 08, 2011

Reportedly, the superstar, who has never kissed on-screen, said that he had no intentions of doing it now also, after spending more than two decades in the film industry.

Denying the rumors about kissing his co-star Kareena Kapoor, who plays his wife in his upcoming home production, the 45-year-old actor said, “I don't kiss because I am not good at it. Don't believe all the things that you read on the Internet.”

"There are two things that I refuse to do. Firstly, I do not want animals to be hurt while shooting, so I refuse to ride horses. I rode a horse for Asoka but never after that. So I always tell producers, I will not ride the horse or kiss the heroine," added Shahrukh.

He had no problem with other actors doing kissing scenes, as he feels some people knew how to do it and he didn’t have any hard feelings against them.

SRK’s kids feel that Hrithik is ideal superhero
SRK is all set to don the avatar of a superhero in the sci-fi flick ‘Ra.One’ which is slated to release later this year, but he revealed that Hrithik Roshan was the “best-looking” superhero.

“According to me, Hrithik is the best-looking superhero, better than even Batman, Superman and Spider-Man,” he said.

And not only this, even his kids feel that Hrithik, who played a superhero in ‘Krissh’, was an ideal superhero.

SRK confirmed this and said, “Even my kids think that Hrithik is the best looking hero right now. In fact, kids don't love me as much as they love seeing Hrithik on screen.”

So, King Khan thinks that he has to compete with Hrithik, and this is a tough calling for him.

But, his fans are gaga about him becoming a superhero and are awaiting the release of the movie.

About ‘Ra.One’
‘Ra.One’ is a science-fiction movie directed by Anubhav Sinha that revolves around the life of a genius G.One, played by SRK, and how his one invention forces him to become a superhero to save the world.

The movie also has Kareena Kapoor playing a mother to an eight-year-old kid.


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