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Posted by Shweta Rana on February 15, 2011

Though Akki is habitual to surprise wifey Twinkle Khanna, this Valentine's Day he proved that he’s the best hubby on this earth.

Dashing star, who was busy promoting 'Patiala House' abroad, returned home to celebrate the special day with Twinkle.

When asked Akshay, what he thinks about Valentine’s, he says, “No doubts it’s a special day, but Twinkle and I celebrate Valentine’s almost every week.”

Sources say their excursion trips materialize in a minute. And it’s Twinkle who devise a tour itinerary along with zeroing in on the destination.

Akki's love for Twinkle
“Whenever we think of holidaying, I keep the plastic globe in front of her. I spin it, and then it’s she who decides the destination,” says Akshay.

Once the plans reach fruition, Akshay and Twinkle pack their stuff and proceed on vacation along with son Aarav. The macho actor has been very particular about Twinkle’s wishes.

It’s been 10 years since they entered into wedlock, but their love has not lessened.

“She just has to utter a word and her desires are fulfilled. Be it a car, bungalow, jewellery or anything, I will go the extra mile to fulfill her wish,” says Akshay, who is aware of the fact that Twinkle loves spending time with him.

“I have promised her come what may I will spend maximum time with Aarav and her,” he says.

Akshay is generally very busy, but on weekend he’s a free man for his family.

“I don’t like getting disturbed when I am with my family. We have decided that Saturdays are for a quiet dinner with Aarav and on Sundays we both will either go on a drive or a romantic candle light meal,” he says.

The versatile actor has essayed several roles in reel, but in real life he’s a romantic guy.

He says, “People have not seen my romantic side, but I want to tell everyone that I am a very romantic person. Even in my movie Patiala House, romantic sequences with Anushka were not planned in advance. It happened instantly. One thing I want to make it clear is that for me love is a natural feeling. I always believed that the it comes from within.”

Akshay’s second love
Yes, Akshay is in love. Don’t take us wrong, as we are talking about his passion for cricket.

With World Cup 2011 all set to take off, Akshay is planning to see it live.

“I want to see all matches live, but my hectic schedule will not allow. For that I will have to depend on a satellite TV installed inside my vanity van,” says Akshay.

The actor’s love for the game can be judged from the fact that he pads up on an off day and starts playing with son Aarav and other boys in his building.

Akshay might have played for England in 'Patiala House', but in real life he’s a pakka Indian. “There’s not doubt about that. I will certainly laud for India,” he says.


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