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Posted by Yashika kapoor on December 09, 2010

Rumors has it that Sonakshi, daughter of Shatrughan Sinha, considers Salman Khan as her mentor and has taken the decision because of his influence.

According to the latest reports, the ‘Dabangg’ girl would be shedding her innocent village girl look for ‘Race 2’ and ‘Joker’, and for a change, the audience will get a chance to see a glamorous Sonakshi.

But reports claim that though ‘Race 2’ is steamier than its earlier version, the one film old actress has set a clause in front of the makers of being totally opposed to any love-making or steamy scenes in the movie.

A source said, “Sonakshi was polite but clear that she won't expose in Race 2.

"The first version of the Race series was quite steamy. But the second version is even steamier. Sonakshi was told about this, so she laid down her cards on the table."

”Adjustments have been made to suit Sonakshi, who was being considered for the film for quite some time,” the source added.

'Race 2' makers happy to have her
The good news is that Sonakshi’s clause has not surprised producer Ramesh Taurani and director Abbas-Mustan, as her shy nature is known to all.

Abbas-Mustan said that the makers were “happy to have her on board.”

Also, while Miss Sinha was herself not available to comment on the issue, Ramesh Taurani diplomatically said, “Aisa kuch nahin hai. Sab theek hai."

Sonakshi is happy the way she is?
Revealing how she managed to get a fab body, even after being a overweight kid, the young actress said, “I was overweight by 30 kilos. My mother kept telling me to avoid fatty food and often said what all most Indian mothers say ‘Go slim else who will marry you?”

“To reduce weight, one needs motivation which I never had till three incidents took place in my life. One, an astrologer told my mother that I will be a diabetic in some years. Two, my mother who used to nag me about being overweight stopped saying so one day. And last was Salman Khan who kept saying I could become an actress,” she informed.

And she said that even though she was not exactly slim at the moment, she was very happy with herself.

Well, that’s like a good girl.


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