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Posted by Jasmine on August 26, 2010

"People in Hollywood are very broad-minded and there is no stereotyping of Indian actors. The situation is very optimistic and there are lots of opportunities. My experience of working there has been fantastic," said the 50-year-old actor in an interview.

The talented actor is all set to star in the eighth season of hit television action-drama series 24, produced by Fox Network.

Anil will be seen donning the role of the President of a fictional Islamic country in the upcoming season.

The show initially was supposed to be premiered on AXN, India on Aug. 9, however, was delayed on Anil’s request as he was busy promoting his daughters film ‘Aisha'.

Now, the show will be premiered on AXN this week.

I did extensive research for role in 24
As the interview progressed, Anil revealed that to better prepare for his role, he did some extensive research, which also included brushing up his English speaking skills, before the shooting for the show commenced.

"To play Omar Hassan, I had to brush up my English first of all. To get under the skin of the character, I watched videos of world leaders on Youtube and read their books and speeches. I had to learn about the politics of the Middle East as well as America," revealed Anil.

As per Anil, now he’s gearing up to re-make comedy film ‘Freaky Friday’ in Hindi but first he needs to find a suitable director.

Anil happy with his career
When asked if he thinks that recognition taken too long to come his way, Anil replied that he’s happy and content with his career.

“It has not come late at all. I am now wiser, successful and at a point when nothing affect me either emotionally or financially. The exposure and experience one gets working in Hollywood is unparalleled,” revealed the actor.


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