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Posted by Manmeet kaur on August 12, 2010

This time Bollywood choreographer-director Farah Khan will be the judge along with famous music composer Anu Malik. Also, not only the contestants, but judges will entertain the audiences, which will make people crazy to see their acts.

There is also a buzz, that a person has been appointed to train the judges with various tricks. The show will not be different in the pattern from the first and second season, and will continue to entertain the audience as before.

The reports confirms that the show will start from Aug. 16 on every Monday to Thursday at 9:30 pm and every Friday at 9 pm.

Farah's comment about her show
While addressing the media at the press meet, Farah reveals that her brother Sajid has helped her to be comfortable on TV.

Farah Khan stated, “Being with him (Sajid) and giving interviews, I became easy on television. I think I have more experience in judging reality show than him. 'Entertainment Ke Liye Kuch Bhi Karega' is the 10th reality show I am judging.”

Farah also claimed that EKLKBK is different from Color's TV 'India's got Talent Khoj 2'.

She asserted, “Every week we will have different talent. 'India's Got Talent' continue with the same talents until the end of the show.

So I feel after a point of time that becomes more monotonous because if there is a dance group then you watch them performing every week. Here every day we are giving you seven to eight types of performers,” Farah added.

Farah did not agree with her brother Sajid's decision
Recently, a group of performers from Punjab, that also included kids, performed in 'India’s Got Talent Khoj 2'.

The group performed a particular type of martial art and Sajid Khan, one of the judge of the show along with Kiron Kher and Sonali Bendre, didn't like the act.

According him, a kid should not suppose to face the sword at such a small age. He was not impressed with the performance and said 'No' to that group.

On the other hand, in 'EKLKBK 3' Farah Khan enjoyed the same act. She was feeling proud to see such small kids performing the martial arts.

Commenting on the issue, Farah says, “I totally disagree with Sajid. Instead of disappointing the group, he should appreciate the art. Even though he is my brother, I will never agree with his judgment. My point of view is totally different from his."


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