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Posted by Onika Singh on February 11, 2013

Madhu and RK are in a remote village as their car broke down and there's no help anywhere near. After a few romantic and incomplete moments, the car got fixed and they return home where everyone is eagerly waiting for them. Madhu knows that the time of separating from her family is nearing and she is extremely emotional about it. Poor Madhu, as we know her, has a hard time to hide her emotions from everyone. Kudos to RK who spots her and warns her of the consequences if anyone get to know their plan.

Madhu cries silently as Padmini is making future plans of inviting RK over dinner, with holi approaching and other festivals. Madhu does not say a single word. Dimps tries her best to dig out of RK as to what is happening and RK after her insistence tells her that he is off from RK mansion forever. Dimps takes it as some kind of joke and shrugs off!!

Madhu takes a leave form Radha and Padmini
Next morning, Madhu wakes up to an empty bed by her side, and spots a letter accompanied by a rose. Madhu reads the letter, in which RK has expressed his love for her and how he is thankful to Madhu as she will be with him in his new life. Madhu takes an emotional leave from Radha and Dimps! Dimps is surprised and smells something fishy but could not keep a finger on it. She takes off to RK's room to do the detective task.

Madhu goes to chawl to see Padmini and there she informs her about their decision of leaving their luxurious life forever. Padmini at first gets a shock, but soon she blesses her daughter for her new life and gives a necklace as a gift. While Dimps is fiddling for evidence in RK's room Radha comes there too and Dimps shows her a note which is actually blank! Radha tells her to ignore and leaves from the scene.

Madhu reaches the venue that she and RK has decided for wedding and approaches towards the mandap with thousand dreams in her eyes for him. Both profess their love for each other and RK directs Pandit to start from the fifth one as the four pheras are already done. Pandit asks Madhu to walk ahead of RK. Madhu walks but she suddenly feels a nudge behind her and she sees that RK is standing where he was!

RK breaks out his evil plans
Madhu is devastated by the smirk on his face and evil look in his eyes, and the worst fears come true. We get to know that all this time RK was playing with innocent girl's feelings and she was like a mere puppet to him. RK smashed all her dreams with his cruel deeds and he reminds her how this was all drama to revenge for the four slaps in the studio.

Madhu could not believe at first and thinks that he must be joking, even we too!! But sadly RK's expressions did not change and her heart breaks when he says that the wedding dresses that they are wearing have been rented and keeping five elements of this earth as his witness, he breaks all his relation with Madhu. It's "RK unweds Madhu". Madhu is too shocked to shed tears.


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