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Posted by Onika Singh on February 03, 2013

The scandalous script demands steamy scenes
Anyways, the point is that even Mallika shies too! Not from the cameras or baring act but from "The Mummy". Mallika Sherawat is currently shooting for K.C Bokadia's "Dirty Politics" which is based on the Bhanwari Case of Rajasthan. The 36-year-old nurse Bhanwari Devi was reported missing from Jodhpur's Bilara area and was confirmed murdered by a leading politician of the in 2011.

The story of the movie is inspired from a political scandal and the script is bound to have some steamy scenes.

Mallika's dilemmas Om Puri and "maa"
Mallika was required to do some bed scenes with senior actor Om Puri. But the babe has double trouble these days! Firstly, it is difficult for her to get naked and make love to a veteran actor like Om Puri. In Mallika's own words, "The film has intimate scenes. It will be awkward for me, considering Om Puri is such a senior actor. I am hoping not many people are present on set while these bold scenes are being shot."

Secondly, the lasso's mom is in town! Mallika is freaking out as her mom is accompanying her to the shoots and Mallika desperately wants her to leave before she starts shooting for such scenes. "My mother is here with me. She will be around for 4-5 days and I'm hoping she leaves before these scenes begin. I won't be comfortable doing them in front of her for sure," rues Mallika.

Mallika and K.C. Bokadia received threats on the film
Mallika and her producer have received threatening calls on the film but the team has put a brave face about it. As Mallika says, "I have received threats. There was a call that my brother received, saying "tell your sister to stay away from this topic and from the film". I think these kinds of threats will be issued."

Bokadia, deeming “Dirty Politics” as one of his best works till date, shrugs off the warnings, "I have also received a lots of threats. I know my duty as a filmmaker. Though I am inspired by the Bhanwari Devi case I have presented it in my own style. I think it will be a clean and good film."


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