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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on January 18, 2013

Zoya serves food to Asad

Zoya is in a fix as she has been selected to serve food to Asad. In a confused state she serves food to Asad. Her unnatural reactions jolt Asad’s inquisitiveness, and he stares at her constantly. While he is passing by, her dupatta gets caught in Asad’s cufflink and he tries to free it.

Asad catches Zoya

Asad gives a call to Dilshaad and tells her about Zoya being at the same wedding as him. He tells her that he has sent Zoya back home. While he is talking to Dilshaad, Zoya bangs into him by mistake and his phone falls. Before he can curse about the incident Zoya’s “Allah Miya” gives away her secret and Asad recognizes her. Zoya escapes from him by inches and he lurks after the “head covered” girl, sure its Zoya. In the middle of the family celebrations Asad uncovers Zoya’s head cover and unravels her identity.

Mariam’s unhappiness

Zoya tells him that girls are respected in America and she stayed back for the wedding on the insistence of the bride’s sisters else she would have left. Asad tells her that the people are very close to him and he doesn’t want to be compromised in front of everyone, and he knows that Zoya will ultimately end up doing just that.

Zoya promises to leave the next morning and assures the bride’s sisters of her lifelong friendship. Before rushing off, the girls tell Zoya to pay a visit to the bride, before she takes her leave. The bride, Mariam, is in a state of grave unhappiness and douses herself with petrol and is just about to set herself on fire, when Zoya enters the room. She is flabbergasted to see Mariam in this “suicidal state”.

Razia’s planning

As Ayaan sleeps on in the drugged state Razia is busy planning “nasty” so that she can force Ayaan-Humaira to enter into wedlock. Ammi enters into the room and Razia just about manages to save herself from her sight. Razia opens the door to Ayaan’s room the next morning as Siddique is passing that way so that he can take a peek into Ayaan’s room and see him sleep with Humaira.

Zoya incites Mariam

Zoya tells Mariam that she should have told her family members about her displeasure at the marriage. The heartbroken Mariam tells her that she had told her family members about it but they were insistent on getting her married off to the same boy. She tells Zoya that the bridegroom had once tried to cross his limits with her and there was no way out for her, but to get married to the creep.

Zoya assures her that the boy should be punished for his “unwanted advances and Mariam should not suffer for her silence, in turn she promises to help the bride. Zoya tells Mariam to run away from the house and tells her to sneak into the car sent for her by Asad and go far away. As Mariam’s parents come to escort her from the room Zoya sits with a big veil on her head to hide from their eyes. She walks to the altar and sits there. Asad who sits opposite her gets a call.

It’s Zoya who is dressed up in the bride’s garb!! She asks Asad to look her way as she sits at the altar for marriage leaving him fuming and dumbfounded.


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