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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on January 14, 2013

Ranvi puts Veera to school

Ranvi puts Veera to school but she is petrified to sit alone. As she goes to her class Ranvi offers her a thread to hold and tells her to indicate him that she needs him with a tug of the thread. Ranvi assures her, that as she sits on the last bench, he will hold a piece of thread that is connected to her, and sit on the other side of the ground as he can’t sit in her class.

The cat is let out of the bag when teacher tugs thread from one side and Ranvi pulls from the other. After ticking off the two about their action the teacher is astounded at the close bond shared by Ranvi and Veera when she sees this innocent thread act.

Ratan’s trauma

A heartbroken Ratan seems to be losing her mind at this turn of events in her life are driving her apart. She rushes to pull down the “dupatta” she hangs on her rooftop in frustration and sees a man stand far off who looks just like Sampooran. She rushes off to hug him and realizes its someone else.

She is shocked and scampers back home and drowns herself in a bucket of water. As Chaiji enters and sees the mess she sees Ratan huddled in a corner weeping her heart out. Ratan tells Chaiji that she will wait for her husband for as long as she lives whatever anyone might say.

The stranger watches this interaction from the door and walks off with Ratan’s pleas ringing in his ears. As he is leaving Veera stops him and asks about his visit after telling him she is Sampooran’s daughter leaving the stranger shocked.

Nihal Singh meets Chaiji

Ranvi and Veera meet Nihal Singh outside the house and he tells Chaiji that he is Sampooran Singh’s friend who has come to check on the family at his insistence. Ratan refuses to believe that Nihal is known to Sampooran. As Nihal Singh drinks the “lassi” he imitates Sampooran leaving a smile on the faces of Ranvi and Veera. Ranvi rebukes Nihal for copying his father.

As Ranvi teaches Veera to cover her notebooks, Ratan gets to know that he has not attended his class, and scolds both of them. She packs the two off to Gunjan’s house to copy notes, but Bansari bhabi is not too pleased to see Veera there.

Kartar scolds Nihal

Nihal meets Kartar at a dhaba and Kartar questions him about going over to Sampooran’s house. Nihal Singh tells that he has come looking for Sampooran as he had last met him 2 years back.

Ranvi’s eye pain

While Ranvi and Veera walk back from Bansari’s house Ranvi complains of eye pain. Veera tells him she will apply balm in his eyes to relieve him. She comes home and tells Ratan that due to her insistence for studies Ranvi has developed eye pain. Ranvi takes her aside and tells her that children need to follow the elders instructions always and in this way they will fulfill their dad’s wishes.

Lohri celebrations

Moti chaiji and the kids prepare for lohri. Ranvi and Veera rush off to collect Lohri from everyone. Bansari bhabi refuses to give Lohri to Ranveera. As Baldev snatches away Ranvi’s Lohri collections Veera sees it and scolds Baldev. Baldev raises his hand at Veera and in the bargain Ranvi-Baldev start to fight.

Kartar speaks to Nihal about Sampooran and tells him he wishes Sampooran returns back to the village. As Ranvi Veera reach Gurpreet for Lohri, Ranvi accepts it but Veera refuses as she remembers how Biji had been hurt by Gurpreet in the hospital. Kartar purposely forgets to give Lohri to Veera and ignores her while he hands over Lohri to Ranvi.

Ratan buys fine clothes for everyone and doesn’t forget to purchase some clothes for Sampooran Singh.


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