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Posted by Onika Singh on December 09, 2012

ROG Controversy
In the complaint filed, the poster was stated as provocative and indecent. After the case was filed, Pooja pounced back, with her rueful attitude that she has not gone against any law or rule and called them as appropriate rather than controversial.

Her statement gave flames to a new controversy altogether with people questioning Censor Board's credibility in the Indian Bollywood Industry. Even after the controversy, or the negative publicity, the poster featuring Irrfan Khan and Elina Hamman gave the movie a much needed hype to the movie and its makers.

Case quashed, reopened, and quashed again
The case was first rejected in July 2008 by magistrate court due to lack of adequate manifestation. But the case was reopened in January 2011, in Session court and quashed the first Magistrate's order. Pooja Bhatt moved her plea to Bombay High Court, which on November 22, 2012 discharged all the charges made by social activist Vinod Jain, against her and her company, Fish Eye Network Pvt. Ltd.

Pooja tweeted this as “Divine Justice”
An exuberant Pooja tweeted on saturday, "Divine Justice - in the form of a high court hearing in my favour for an obscenity case against my film 'Rog'. Fought this for 8 long years!"

Need to relook the society standards says Justice K.U. Chandiwal
Justice K.U. Chandiwal commented, "In the light of this situation, the prosecution initiated against the applicants by the complainant more leans to publicity stunt than any obscene feeling," while passing the order.

Chandiwal clarified in his order that the term "obscenity" is different from that of moral standards rendered in society and though not abide by but the posters need to be re evaluated with a responsible reader test.

Pooja proud of the winning example
On winning the eight year ordeal, a proud Pooja further tweeted, "Had I chickened out and settled out of court as most people in entertainment are prone to do, it would have resulted in more such cases Each one to their own in the film industry. But the ones who stick their necks out for the larger cause pave the road for the fence sitters.”

Way to go Pooja!! We congratulate you on your victory but we hope that the "dare to bare" attitude, does not fetch another years long ordeal to you!

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