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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on November 17, 2012

The family man Shahrukh

Shahrukh Khan's movies have always been declared as a “safe watch“ for the whole family together. His delightful dimpled smile and his romantic glances said all, but since when did this change. Shahrukh and Yash Chopra had to go the contemporary way to keep up with the times and the “script demands”.

The uncomplicated and simple love story had a splash of “the bedroom privacy“ added to it. As it was said on CNN-IBN Jab Tak Hai Jaan “has a soul of the 1960s trapped in a body from 2012", it holds true.

The controversial lip-lock

Shahrukh was always held in high admiration for his “no kissing policy” but at Yashji’s insistence he was “forced” to leap out of his comfort zone, and leap it sure is. He had the capability of emoting the passionate desire and love through his expressive eyes but “JTHJ” proved to be an exception. A passionate lip-lock and a sweltering bedroom scene had everyone’s “tongues hang out”.

Was this really Shahrukh Khan? The audiences kept squirming to see when he would stop. But surprisingly he went the whole way.

Yash Chopra was responsible for shaping Shahrukh Khan and this was the veteran director’s vision and a necessity for “Jab Tak Hai Jaan.” After sharing an amazing sizzling chemistry with Juhi, Kajol, Rani, Priety Zinta he has always maintained a dignified distance and now! Naughty Shahrukh, with your Hmm... rival’s ex-girlfriend? What’s up, dude?

Shahrukh’s stance

For a person who had refused two things- one a kiss and second a ride on the horse, we have a few snippets for you guys right from the “horse’s mouth”, Rightly said Shahrukh? The handsome debonair actor claims "I had a couple of rules actually - that I won't ride a horse and I won't kiss.

Both are cumbersome. I don't know how to do both on screen, don’t worry that handsome head of yours about it, Shahrukh!! Practice makes a man perfect Shahrukh, and this is after all your first “hesitant time”.

Humility “thy name is Shahrukh”, holds true as he says "I will be very honest. Adi (Aditya Chopra), Yash ji and Katrina, and I say this with all humility and thankfulness to them that they knew I was awkward, I had issues and I am a very easy actor to work with. They are like my family and they said, 'You don't have to do this' and then they got together and they forced me and then even paid me for it."

But what’s this a smoldering cauldron somewhere Do I see someone sing “Pon – Pon“ in anger somewhere around? I hear it loud and clear, do you folks?


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