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Posted by Onika Singh on November 17, 2012

Akshay has an aura around him which can easily overshadow any star, let alone be a tiny tot of the B-town. But Akshay has been kind enough to share his success with the rest of the cast. This time the lucky fellow is Rahul Singh, who has done minion roles in movies but a compliment from Akshay is sure to get him extra eyes.

Akshay praises Rahul Singh
After shooting the climax, sources reports that he praised the actor, "The best thing Akshay said to Rahul during the shoot well after they shot the climax fight at filmdom's biggest certified akhaada (Mukesh mill) he offered an encouraging handshake to Rahul Singh and said, 'After the film you are an action star'."

A delighted but humble Rahul
Rahul did not see this coming from the king of action himself for sure and now when he has been showered with compliments, he gives a humble but visibly delighted reaction. He tweets, "Well, I am gonna take this serious compliment since it comes from actor who redefined action in Indian cinema."

Akshay chose Rahul Singh after his spicy and versatile roles in movies like Delhi Belly, Zubeida, Jail and Stanley Ka Dabba. His role in the movie is of a villain but not a plain one, his character has all shades of comic, tragic and serious. All in all a colourful character in Khiladi 786.

Bharti in Khiladi 786
The comedy star from small screen, Bharti Singh will also be seen in the movie. So you can watch out for Khiladi 786 for more reasons as with eye popping action, you would love to bear "heavy blows of laughter" from Bharti.

Khiladi title back after 12 years
We will be seeing Akshay back in action after such a long time. Akshay was sticking to comedies for some time and his action flicks have always garnered well at box office. Let's see how the Khiladi 786 is received at box office. But the buzz around the movie is definitely strong and has already created buzz among audience.


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