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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on October 17, 2012

Karishma’s affronting attempts

Karishma’s desperate attempts to affront the thick skinned Kashif falls on deaf ears. As both of them sit gossiping Karishma asks him his age. A 30 year old Kashif says thirty is his biological age but he actually is 500 years of age. Karishma cuts him down to size by saying she thought he was 12 years of age.

A snobbish Kashif self-importantly states that his name will now be searchable on the internet as he has become famous. He is unruffled by Karishma’s comment that his efforts at creating drama will have him face some “music outside the house” and not win him accolades, when he returns home. She tells him his name will be searched but “for all the wrong reasons”.

It is a surprising fact that some people are so bull headed that they do not understand an insult when they hear one. Karishma’s reprimand that Kashif should be ashamed of his attitude after he was “pin pointed” for his behavior by Salman fell on deaf ears.

It had him state that he gives a damn and is loved by the people for his other actions like his fitness regime, and his so called “good behavior “ in the house. Haha! You sure have some hopes Kashif, its only your TRP hungry tactics that will be noticed in the Big Boss House, we haven’t seen anything worthwhile in you as yet!

“Nautanki“ Rajeev

Rajiv seems to have deeply integrated into the “Rajesh Khanna’s Anand mode”. The pathos filled lines, the tears, the soulful sighs just escape his mouth the moment he sees Delnaz. It’s like a button is pressed automatically the moment he sees his ex-wife. A total “nautanki” based performance we are sure must have had the audience in splits of laughter. Oh My God! The TRP hungry animals.

Delnaz finally opens her mouth and tells the rest of the house females that in case they want to know the real story behind Rajeev-Delnaaz divorce will be discussed over a “cup of tea” but not in front of the peering cameras. She tells the girls that gifts can’t buy love when dreams are shattered.

She confirms vehemently that the “pawing” Rajeev has not been lying low for the last two years. The “pretentious“ Rajeev has surely been busy having a “girl - rollicking time“ after the divorce, it’s just that he revels in his behavior of a forlorn “Martyr”.

Whew! Rajeev and Kashif are sure tough nuts to crack; they are pushing people off their feet in their efforts to climb on to the TRP Bandwagon.


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