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Posted by padmapreetham on February 29, 2012

This is the first time that Katrina is working with Shahrukh and she seems kind of smitten with the actor and is seen enjoying every bit of his company and his humorous side.

Seems like Salman’s ex-flame is bonding well with his arch rival on the sets and it’s also learnt that the uber glam actress is quite impressed with the King of Bollywood’s notion of chivalry and good manners.

A source close to the film has also revealed that both seem to be posing and clicking candid pictures of each other at the location. Interestingly, it’s reported that Shahrukh and Katrina would be shooting for 35 days in London and let’s just hope that Salman doesn’t get depressed about this new friendship brewing between these two actors.

Crowd goes mad seeing Kat and SRK
SRK and Katrina have started filming in some of the most romantic places in London. The actors shot some sequences in some of the famous locations like Quaker Street and in some Bengali joints and shopping areas in the city.

An insider has revealed that the crowd even got a chance to watch the shooting in the busy streets of London and some even interrupted the shoot by clicking pictures of the stars.

However, the crew members have now become extra cautious about pictures leaking out on the Internet. To ensure that the pictures are not circulated by the fans the producers have even been utilizing private security guards to stop fans from taking pictures.

As a source from the unit revealed, “Katrina’s manager, Shah Rukh’s bodyguard as well as crew members were constantly stopping people from taking pictures as one picture from another day has already gone viral on the Internet.”


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