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Posted by Abhinandan Thaman on February 09, 2012

Maddy is going to shed his old image and don a new one in his upcoming film ‘Jodi Breakers’.

Madhvan transforms into Sid
Ashwini Chaudhary, director of 'Jodi Breakers' confirmed that he has done everything to give a new make-over to Madhvan. The versatile actor will be seen portraying the character of a deceitful rogue.

The concept of the story is fresh. It revolves around Madhvan and Bipasha who try and create a rift between couples in love but end up falling for each other.

Madhvan is essaying the role of Sid, who is a total scoundrel, deceitful but nonetheless a charming person.

Ashwini admitted that he was desperately trying to give Madhavan a new image and was quite successful.

To begin with, the director conducted a comprehensive study about Madhavan who started his career from Tamil Cinema and then suggested some changes which could bring out the 'Sid' in him.

“The most exciting thing was that even Madhavan was up for it. He was more than willing to experiment. It was a herculean task as we had to change almost everything in him. From facial expressions to mannerisms, body language and get up” said Ashini gleefully.

Bipasha Brings The Oomph Factor
Though Maddy had to make some drastic changes for the film, Bips job wasn't so taxing. She’s playing a glamorous role at which she is so adept.

"Audience have a certain expectation from Bipasha. They want to see her as a glamorous woman. Thankfully the character of Sonia is that of a modern urban girl from today's time. Hence there wasn't much that we needed to add." the director said.

All ingredients of a box-office hit
The movie promises to deliver something novel to the audience. The chemistry between Maddy and Bips is bound to attract the crowds to cinema halls. This is the first time the duo are working with each other.

Moreover, to tickle the funny bone of the audience, Omi Vaidya aka Chatur is sharing screen space with Madhvan after a long gap of 2 years.

Ashwini disclosed, "You just can't have a mainstream run of the mill film. You have to be practical enough and think hard that if your film doesn't have Khans in it, why should audience come and watch it?

"You have to bring in certain freshness in terms of the basic idea and the storyline. To aid that you add good face value and then sprinkle it with good music. You have to make it an interesting enough package for the audience to look forward to."

Whether the indomitable power of Bips, Maddy and Omi will create magic on screen only time will tell.

However, going by the fact that Yash Raj Films have taken overseas distribution rights of the movie we might just have a winner on our hands!

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