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Posted by neera on December 26, 2011

Ex-boyfriend leaks video
Leone rose to fame and was the most goggled celebrity in India, after her entry into the reality show, Bigg Boss 5.

Being a celebrity can have its downside. Cashing on her rising popularity, Matt has leaked a raunchy video the two allegedly made before the break-up.

Apparently, Matt Erikson has also uploaded some titles of Sunny’s movies on his website which can be viewed on pay-per-view and rental basis. The fil has reportedly gone viral.

1st porn film with man
Prior to meeting Matt, Leone only featured in lesbian porn.

However, once she hooked up and got engaged to Matt in 2007, the porn star made a steamy film titled ‘Sunny Loves Matt’ under adult production company Vivid Entertainment Group.

The movie, a runaway hit was Sunny’s first porn video with men on camera. Erikson was the only man she starred with in porn films until the duo broke up in 2008.

After parting ways with Matt, the porn star performed with other men. She started her own production house and commercially tied up with other porn portals.

Sunny was the first porn star to feature in an approved app for a leading smartphone.

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