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Posted by padmapreetham on July 23, 2011

The actor, who is in a live in relationship with his girlfriend, model-turned-actress Preeti Desai, said that he has no plans to get married in the future.

“I think marriage is a cultural thing, it's my opinion that nature doesn't tell someone to get married. I may or may not get married but I will settle down in a live-in,” said the actor on the show.

Abhay calls Dharmendra his dad
Meanwhile, Abhay who likes to live life according to his own terms is completely different from the other Deols and he is said to have also given an insight about his college days on the show.

“I didn't come across as the person they imagined me to be from that family so I was written off, so everything was in context to my family not to who I was," said the actor.

Interestingly, the actor also spilled more beans on his real life; apparently Abhay calls his dad’s elder brother Dharmendra ‘dad’ while he fondly calls his own dad uncle.

And talking about his cousins Sunny and Bobby, Abhay said that he used to be scared of Sunny bhaiya.

“Well, with 'bhaiya' (Sunny) I mean he's much older than me, so he was like a protector. We were like his kids, so to speak and he would do anything for us, it's just his personality. Growing up with Bobby was fun, but he was a bit of a bully, so I got bullied around by him a lot as a kid,” said the Dev D actor.

Abhay to do an item number in Navdeep’s film
Abhay, who constantly likes to experiment with different roles, said in a recent interview that he would be doing an item number in Navdeep’s film.

Speaking about the item number, “Dance is something I was never comfortable with but now I’m going to go all out and practise really hard for my item number in Navdeep’s film. I think it should be fun.”

Navdeep’s dark comedy film titled ‘Shaadi of the Dead’ is the first zombie movie to be made in the Hindi film industry. It’s heard that in this film Abhay who will play the lead will be seen romancing Genelia Dsouza.


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