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Posted by Anupreet Kaur on March 25, 2011

Though SRK's nine month promotional strategy, which kicked off with the release of 10 seconds teaser, seems enthralling, questions are being raised on its similarity with 'Krrish' and 'The Matrix'.

Palpably, the 30 seconds promo of 'Ra.One' was revealed yesterday during the India-Australia Cricket match on Star Cricket.

30 seconds promo of 'Ra.One'
Interestingly, the second promo of the film has already made his fans go gaga as the video received 3,152 likes on the official Facebook page of Shahrukh Khan, while 6,906 views on the official 'Ra.One' video on YouTube.

The 30 seconds promo of the sci-fi film, directed by Anubhav Sinha, exhibits excellent music and a glimpse of the female lead Kareena Kapoor, apart from the superhero appearance of the King Khan.

In the film, Shahrukh Khan enacts G.One, while Arjun Rampal portrays the character of a villain, Ra.One.

SRK wants to make 'Ra.One' common
In an attempt of making 'Ra.One' a household name, SRK started his promotional campaign nine months prior to the film's release on Oct. 26, 2011.

When SRK was quizzed about aggrandizing 'Ra.One', he said, “I think it is important for this genre. When we go to see a Spiderman film, we know who he is, and what his powers are. Likewise with Superman and Batman. I want G.One (the protagonist) to become someone you start recognizing before you come to see the film.

“We want to start telling the audiences that he flies, is made up of electricity and wears a blue suit. I would like kids to ask, ‘How high can he fly, and how hard can he hit?’ By the time the film comes, those questions should’ve been answered.”

Lets see if SRK succeeds in making 'Ra.One' a hit.



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I think this will be large scale devastation in this world after earth quake in japan.... surely world has started to destroy in or before 2012.... god pls save us from bolly's...... trying to catchup and match with super star which is not possible but impossible.....

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@Anonymous (not verified) 03 25 2011...

1) DO NOT INSULT BOLLYWOOD!!! You're no-one to talk k?
2) We know what "not possible" means. Don't think of us as stupid...
3) Can't judge from the promos. 30 seconds. It's not even hinting off the story.
4) SRK has the more starpower than any other and I mean ANY OTHER actor in the WORLD (fact), so this film is guaranteed a 85% - 100% opening...

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It will be a blockbuster because of story and screenplay not because of special effects

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Its very stupid to even judge the film from a 30 seconds promo whether it is a flop or hit.

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The suit seems like it was copied from Tron Legacy.

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help me raone

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This Movie is Going to Mimic ROBOT... But this movie can't do that... Robot Movie is a Blockbuster Hit,Even RA1 would be Blockbuster interms of FLOP....

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Wonderful promo with lots of special affects;......... is going to take bollywood on next level

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I think it will surpass any bollywood movie so far. Normally i don't like action movies; yet I would definitely be watching it. I think it is because SRK exudes so much power in the real world; therefore it would epic to see such a powerful role on screen.

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I think. It will be super flop like "KITES". And I really never liked shahrukh khan movies , I think, He must not be in Bollywood.but I do love Salaman Khan Movies..

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The special effects looked really tacky and cheap and from the trailer it looks like the film is relying on them and there is no content, so it will flop for sure! Another Love Story 2050.

The only Indian sci-fi film which was good was Rajni-Aish's Robot.

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