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Posted by Yashika kapoor on March 12, 2011

Well, it seems that the Taliban has been infuriated by the Pakistani actress as she said on Saturday that the world’s top militant outfit had recently sent her a letter, threatening her to stop working in India.

Previously, she had been flayed by the Pakistani clerics for bringing a disgrace to her home country through her indiscipline acts on ‘Bigg Boss 4’, where she was seen cozying up with Ashmit.

Veena, who is currently working on a Cricket World Cup show ‘Big Toss’, said, "I am quite shocked after receiving this letter. First I got only verbal threats but now it is in writing.”

More about the Taliban threat letter
Malik’s media manager, Sohail Rashid informed that the letter was sent by a man called Maulana Ahmed Masood, who claimed to be the head of Tehreek-e-Taliban.

According to the Express Tribune, a media house in Pakistan handed over the letter to Veena and they confirmed the authenticity of the source.

"The letter says that Tehreek-e-Taliban has taken a decision as a Muslim to punish Veena Malik soon. We want our daughters and sisters in our homes only and Veena Malik, who is humiliating Pakistan's name in India, will be punished soon," Rashid quoted from the letter.

"We are soon going to punish Veena Malik so that our future generations may be afraid of going to India. It is the responsibility of all Pakistanis and Muslims, but now we are going to accomplish it," he read.

Will return to Pakistan--Veena
Meanwhile, despite the Taliban threat, the brave actress said that she will be returning to Pakistan soon.

"To live in my country is my right. I am a daughter of this soil. I guarantee that I will come back to Pakistan and will live in my own country," she said.

Malik said that her hands were clean and that she would not be backing out of any such threats as she had done nothing wrong.


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