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Posted by Anupreet Kaur on November 19, 2010

Samir was eliminated from the house along with Dolly as both of them were held guilty for the scuffle that could have been avoided. The inmates found Samir responsible for provoking Dolly.

As per the ‘Bigg Boss’ rules, if any physical harm is caused by a contestant, then he/she would be thrown out of the house.

And viewing the whole situation, it was learnt that Dolly had started the fight with Shweta, abused her by saying indecent remarks, and even called her “wanton woman”.

Nobody in the house tried confronting Dolly except Samir who was later “physically assaulted by Dolly”. To the surprise, Dolly had hit Shweta during the fight.

Dolly has some major problem--Samir
During the interview, when Samir was asked if fights picked by Dolly against the contestants were intentional, he replied, "Dolly has some major problem and she speaks anything to anyone without thinking much."

He was happy that he didn’t stoop to Dolly’s level, during the fight, and maintained his dignity, and admitted that Dolly’s remarks were completely astonishing and disgusting.

When inquired about Ashmit and Veena’s closeness, he shared that he had seen both kissing and massaging, but was unaware of the intimate scene between the duo, and didn’t confirm about Veena and Ashmit’s romance.

Talking on ‘Bigg Boss’ decision, he commented, he was disappointed with the decision of his eviction and said that he expected Dolly to be evicted for her misdeeds.

On this, he said, he is elated that he maintained his dignity in the house and will be happy to go in again only if Dolly is not there.

Strangely, latest reports have revealed that Dolly Bindra will be going back as a wild card entry in the house.

By doing this, ‘Bigg Boss’ is violating its own rules and regulations. Perhaps, the reality show is losing its credibility.

Neelam Kothari happy with the support
Samir Soni’s fiancée, Neelam Kothari is ecstatic with the messages, supporting Samir, she has received on the social networking site.

Commenting on the response, Neelam wrote, “I didn't realize that so many people watch Bigg Boss and are actually supporting Samir. I'm sure once Samir is back he will be on cloud nine hearing the kind of support he has from all his fans.”

“Samir is a well composed person. Dolly Bindra tried his patience big time. He is truly the only man in the house. I am proud of him.”

Reacting on Shweta’s reaction after Samir left, she said, “I agree that she should have walked out too. But everyone wants to save their own skin.”

Neelam feels that Samir should go back and win.

Right said Neelam. What say?


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