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Posted by Yashika kapoor on September 25, 2010

Well, the Kapoor lad recently appeared on Zee TV’s ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Singing Superstar’ with Priyanka Chopra, to promote their upcoming movie ‘Anjaana Anjaani’.

A contestant of the show, Rini Chandra proposed Ranbir Kapoor and he ran to the stage to accept her proposal. He then got married to her, before Rini could even grasp what was happening.

Proper Bollywood style marriage was arranged and Director Siddharth Anand and all the judges of the show joined in the fun.

'Joke marriage' is not new for the show, as Priyanka Chopra had married a 7-year-old contestant on ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Lil Champs’, last year.

She said to Ranbir, “Yeh toh mera sasural hai, meri pehli shaadi bhi yahi par hui thi.”

Ranbir adores Madhuri Dixit
In a recent interview, when Ranbir was questioned about his dream girl, the actor replied ‘Madhuri Dixit’.

The 27-year-old actor revealed that he had a huge crush on actress Madhuri Dixit, since his teen years.

Even tough the actress is happily married to Dr Nene, Ranbir said that he would like to conduct a ‘loyalty test’ on her.

He said, “But come on, she’s my favorite actress, and it doesn’t matter that she’s married.”

Ranbir’s first world tour
Ranbir is currently gearing up for a world tour that would take the sensational star to 16 cities, next year.

His father Rishi Kapoor informed, “My boy has waited patiently for three years until he thought he was ready to face a live audience. He has turned down all offers to perform at awards function. And that's his show's USP.”

“When actors perform at awards function these are beamed to dozens of countries across the world. Therefore there is no novelty left in watching a star dance on stage. My son has never been seen live,” the veteran actor , who was last seen in ‘Love Aaj Kal’, said.


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