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Posted by Jasmine on August 24, 2010

"I do not want to get into any more controversies... I have learnt from my personal life that revenge is a waste of time. Enmity, anger is all negative. True strength lies in forgiveness and not punishment," said Vivek philosophically.

He further added, “I decided I want to be a happy person, want to do good work, take up social causes. Since then everything started falling in place.”

Vivek’s downhill journey in both personal and professional life started when he courted controversy in 2003 by calling a press conference in the middle of the night and accusing Salman of threatening him to leave his then girlfriend Aishwarya Rai.

Vivek happy with life
As the interview progressed Vivek, who’s set to marry senior Janata Dal (U) leader Dr. Jeevaraj Alva’s daughter Priyanka soon, also revealed that he considers himself to be a very lucky guy for having a loving and supportive family.

"My family always stood by me, they motivated and supported me every moment. They are my pillars of support," said the actor.

"During my bad phase, I went to my mother for advice. She asked me to go out to other people who are in more pain and problems. Automatically I felt my pain was less."

Happy to reconcile with RGV
Vivek said he’s happy now that he has revived his relation with his mentor RGV, who gave him a great launch with ‘Company’ in 2002.

“RVG was my mentor and naturally he was disappointed when he saw me squandering away the opportunity he’d given me.

Then, he heard that I’d changed. Maybe he saw the same fire in my eyes again. That’s when he offered me what is the most challenging role of my career,” the actor stated happily.


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