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Reality shows serve to offer a real treat for viewers and Bigg Boss happens to be one. This blockbuster reality show has always hogged the limelight for all the wrong reasons, be it its vulgar language or nok-jhonk of the housemates.

The three-month long controversial show, which thrives on bickering and spats with every twist and turn, guarantees riveting viewing. You can’t deny the fact that it was fun watching all the concocted fights and arguments by the participants.

The Hindi films have, as they say, used all permutations and combinations of typical love stories by now. The so called historical accounts of love between two people stuck up in unfavorable situations have been sung in several unique ways. Those scenes have inspired real-life love stories as well and made people believe in love freely. Valentine’s Day, being the day of death of St. Valentine, who defied laws to ensure that lovers can united, has been an attractive theme in romantic films. Have a look at what my favorites are:

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