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Posted by Silky chandwani on November 27, 2011

Rumour has it that Aditya and Rani want to get married but have not been able to do so as Aditya’s estranged wife Payal Khanna has demanded a huge alimony to settle the divorce.

Marriage may take longer
According to multiple tabloid reports, the filmmaker has been legally separated from his wife for two years now, but the marriage is nowhere close to being dissolved.

Aditya’s marriage to his school time sweetheart Payal officially broke down in 2009 when they filed for a divorce. Rumour has it that Rani was the reason behind the breakdown.

“Payal is asking for a good number of crores per year. And if one were to cumulate it over a period of time, it goes up to be a pretty impressive number,” an unnamed source told Midday.

The source, however, refused to reveal the exact amount.

The source further added, “To be fair to Payal, she's not being unreasonable about the alimony. In her case, the marriage had been far from a smooth sailing due to Aditya's relationship with Rani.

“So it's wrong to label her demanding. It suffices to say that another Badmaash Company can be made on the annual alimony amount.”

“Aditya has told Rani that he can't afford to pay such a huge amount to Payal every year,” the source said.

Rani moves out of YRF camp
There are also rumours that the actress is thinking on giving up on marrying Aditya and is looking out for roles and films outside the YRF banner.

To add to that, apparently the Chopra family isn't happy about Rani’s relationship with Aditya either and are unwilling to allow Rani to play any part in their future projects.

According to the source, “After the announcement of YRF International, for Hollywood co-productions, Aditya was keen to launch an IPO to make the company public and work towards being at par with other corporate production-distribution companies.

“And he wanted Rani to be on the board of directors. But Yashji and Pamelaji aren't in agreement.”

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