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Posted by sudip on July 31, 2013

Atanu Ghosh is ready with his third movie “Roopkotha Noi”. Atanu Ghosh started his career with Angshuman er Chobi in 2009 and later did Taken23 in 2010. Both received appreciations and awards from film festivals across the world. Atanu Ghosh is back with a strong cast in terms of acting skill in his new film ‘Rupkotha Noi”. The film stars Gaurab Chatterjee, Kaushik Sen, Indraneil Sengupta, Rahul in the key roles and Arindam Sil, Bhaskar Banerjee and Sohini Sarkar are seen as supporting character artists. Joy Sarkar has composed the music.

Gaurab Chatterjee is slowly but surely creeping into the group of regulars among upcoming heroes. This movie would be a big challenge for him.
This is the comeback film for producer Firdausal Hasan as he is entering the industry as a producer after almost a decade after his first movie flopped.

The story is about an old man who is detached from his own family. The man reaches out to an extended family sitting on a bench in a park. There are five men who are products of modernity seeking thrill and revenge come across the old man. The old man comes across this group and is able to capture their thought process. Finally he is able to mould them into his philosophy brining a paradigm change in their attitude. The movie will be packed with action and thrill.

Atanu Ghosh generally chooses topics concerning positive and negative human emotions. Due to strong background of over 30 telefilms and 25 documentaries, he has mastered the art of delivering large format visuals even at a lower budget. This action packed film would surely be a delight to watch.

Shooting and post production is over and the movie is set to be released in September. The enthusiasm of the team indicates a good treat for the movie goers.

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