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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on August 13, 2013

Zoya is busy looking for her father and reaches Siddiqui for his help. She tells him that she may have come from a far off land but her heart is in India. Ayaan tells Humaira that Vikram is not her husband and that there is no relation between them. The Eid celebrations ring out and everyone is enjoying the fun and frolic of the festival. Najma realizes that she can’t live without Imran and hugs him close.

Ammi pops up Razia in a soup

Bad people have to come to terms with their lowly actions someday. Razia “scheming time” is over and in the Eid party Rashid gets to know that his paralytic mother was packed away by Razia.

It’s uncomfortable to know that your wife has been up to “life-taking” tactics, Siddiqui is in the same predicament and asks Rashid to deal with his wife accordingly, as Ammi looks on helplessly. Scoffing at her, Siddiqui yells at Razia and says he is ashamed at Razia’s behavior towards an old helpless woman.

It seems to be a testing turn for Rashid as he remembers the harm Razia has done to him in the past – the blackmailing and the forced subjugation . As Rashid is about to call the police Ammi indicates for a pen and paper. As an ashamed Razia looks on everyone is surprised to see Ammi’s mangled scribble indicating Razia’s punishment.

Zoya plays Siddiqui’s musical toy

Zoya climbs on to the stage and plays the musical toy given by her father. As the beat plays on the mike her desperate eyes search for her lost dad, but he is nowhere to be found. Guess what? It’s not the right time still!!

We think the suspense is going to be extended a little more; Siddiqui is busy on his phone and gets startled on hearing the tune. By the time he turns, Zoya leaves the stage in tears as her patience runs out. Surrounded by tears she suddenly realizes that she is holding another identical music box. She is sure that her father is alive and was there at the function. She thanks Asad for his help in tracing her dad.

Unable to resist her naughty impulses Zoya starts to tease Asad about a prince charming she dreams about. In the loving banter she holds on to his hand and asks him about his desires. He tells her that being next to her is his wish and asks her if he can….As Zoya wonders and Asad gets close to her..Uffff the episode ends once again!!

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