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Posted by neera on July 16, 2013

The sexy siren Poonam Pandey is back in the news!! Bodylicious Poonam who has no qualms whatsoever about shedding her clothes and indulging in skin has done it again…

The dare-to-bare bombshell is once again in a quagmire of controversy as leaked photo from her debut film Nasha has taken the net world by storm.

Leaked nude photo
The titillating image reveals the strip savvy hottie in just the bare essentials. The photo allegedly taken during the shooting of “Nasha” shows Poonam standing topless in scanty thongs with her back to the camera. The light playing strategically upon her seductive curves accentuates them against the black background.

It is still ambiguous who released the photo, but buzz indicates it could be the handiwork of a cameramen present during the shooting. Others speculate it to be a publicity stunt, a ploy to generate interest in the erotic film that is going to hit screens next month.

Not surprising, Ms Pandey is unperturbed by the leaked picture and reveling in all the attention it is getting. She’s been even retweeting the links to the photo.

“Looks like she will get more things to talk about in the next few hours or maybe a couple of days,” sources said.

Debut film Nasha
Poonam’s debut film, “Nasha” with Jism director Amit Saxena is an erotic drama heaped with sensuality. It is the passionate story of an 18-year-old boy who falls hopelessly in love with a 25-year-old woman (played by Poonam), that turns into an obsessions.

Going by the storyline, the publicity and Ms Pandey is in the lead, “Nasha” is bound to offer some of the most smoking cinematic sex scenes.

"Yes, it's a bold film, but it's basically a simple love story. It's a very different subject and Poonam has done a great job in the film," says Amit Saxena.

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