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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on September 02, 2013

Hey folks! This is the weekly Big Boss gossip that I agonizingly collected from here and there. You may have heard some and you may not have heard the other, but let me bring it to you in my typical juicy and gossipy manner. After all we are all looking forward to the “Jumme ki raatein” with our favorite Salman Khan, aren’t we?

Heaven and hell saath saath says Salman

Ooh la la, it’s going to be a turbulent ride in the Big Boss House this time. After a lot of brain storming, the producers have come out with a brilliant brain wave of “heaven and hell”. The ongoing promos have Salman exuberantly bouncing and smirking that good people have a reserved place in heaven and it’s the nasty characters that are marched off and left in hell to rot there.

Hey, all you Big Boss contestants peer carefully at the sniggering Salman. Can you see his signature giggle as he holds on to some awesome “apsaras” and marches off? The smirk is a promise for the contestants that they will have a roller coaster drive of a lifetime! So it’s the heaven and the hell experience for the adventurous inmates.

Controversial Big Boss inmates

But I heard a tweeting bird say that Hansika Motwani, the South Indian star, might be joining the inmates in the Big Boss 7 inside the house . I could not resist and had to get the news directly from the horse’s mouth, Salman tottered his comments and Hansika excitedly claimed back “Haha heard the news that I’m coming in Bigg Boss! Really? Then whose gona complete my films? I like watching big big boss but I can’t be part of this show. Not my cup of tea! Extremely busy doing good movies. Rumours RIP”.

Controversies seem to be the tag line of Big Boss, folks! Tongues are wagging and the lips are buzzing rapidly. The show may be having some juicy sexy tidbits along with the raunchy and bold Rozlyn Khan. There are surely some “desire” sparks going to fly as the guys in the reality show are going to vie for her attention.

There is another controversial figure that gets us sparkly news from the Big Boss sets. The “Jiah Khan” case famous Sooraj Panscholi will get ample opportunity to clear his stakes and get social through the National television.

To give him her sexy shoulder we expect Gauhar Khan to step into the gardens of Big Boss 7 house. Well, I think that is enough speculation for you guys for this week and I will continue to bring you the tidbits, don’t you worry, as the countdown has just begun!!

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