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Hearing screams from Naina, Lavanya gets irritated and complains to Girish about the baby cries all night long. In the feel of the conversation, Lavanya spells out her fears to Girish and tells him that she fears he will go to another for a child. She insists that they can have a baby by surrogacy as she is unable to have her own child.

He walks up to her and tells her that he wanted her in his life and not because of the desire of a child. He lovingly calls her his child and says that she is his life and he loves her crazy.

Pakhi stops newspapers

Maaji brings a handful of news papers for Anshuman and she tells him that Pakhi has reduced the number of newspapers in the house. In a temper he walks up to her and tells her that the “n” number of newspaper was his idea and she should cut down on expenditure in some other area, leaving his papers alone. She asks him to rattle off the name of his favorite newspapers.

He keeps taking the names and Pakhi keeps handing him over the papers one by one. The surprise is that she has stopped only those hindi newspapers that he never reads. She gives him the same lines that he had said to his office mates. With a smug expression Pakhi says “Wastage of resources means wastage of saving”, stunning Anshuman into silence.

Pakhi stops kitchen thefts

After this Pakhi goes into the kitchen to make her cup of tea and finds out that some important grocery items have been pinched and starts to question everybody about it. She warns the servants that it is better if they ask her for stuff rather than steal it. She tells them that she is leaving the kitchen for ten minutes and wants the everything returned announcing that honesty is paramount in her eyes.

Warning them that it is very easy for her to find out the culprit she leaves. After her return she sees the grocery items back in place and asks the servants who all want to share tea with her. Taking over she stops the servant from dunking the food into the dustbin. Her expenditure control rampage is on in full force.
The phone rings and Anshuman asks Pakhi to get ready for lunch. Pakhi gets ready to go for lunch and gives Girish a call excitedly and asks him what flowers Anshuman likes. Girish asks her the reason for her query and Pakhi tells him that she is going out for lunch with her husband and wanted to take something for him.

This surprising event leaves Girish disgusted as he knows that there is a plan up Anshuman’s sleeve. Pakhi meets Anshuman and hands him over his favorite red roses and asks him who is looking better out of the flowers and Pakhi. Stunned by her gift of flowers and the embarrassing question he flusters at her tenderness, and thanks her profusely. She asks him to start praising her and tells him to order food as he has a fantastic choice. He orders a continental cuisine in order to make her feel uncomfortable. In his mind he thinks that he is going to finish off Pakhi for good! Watch out TOTAL FILMY readers for some more “forced-romance” moments between Anshuman and Pakhi!

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