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Posted by Pankhuri Kapoor on June 20, 2009

Mumbai, June 20: The hush up on the break up between B-Town’s talented actor Preity Zinta and her industrialist boyfriend Ness Wadia has finally unveiled.

If reports are to be believed the actor and her beau had marriage plans for this year but a few days before the IPL matches Ness made a demand which led to an end to their serious liaison.

A source reveals, “Ness told Preity that he wouldn’t like her to act in films after marriage. Preity, of course, was shocked. She first thought he was joking but when she realized that Ness was serious, she was heartbroken.”

Now Preity being an independent and self made women found Ness’s demand uncalled for and though the decision was hard she chose to part ways as she did not want a relationship based on conditions.

The two split without much noise and are now only connected professionally as they bought the Punjab Kings IX team together but this may soon also end.

Preity sure has her priorities set and does not tolerate any interference in her professional life. We hope that she finds someone who accepts her sans any condition.

Till then, we wish her luck for her future films.


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