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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on April 03, 2013

Tanveer and Razia
Tanveer calls Razia once again to scare her by disclosing that Zoya is slowly creeping towards Siddiqui, warning her to be careful. Tanveer’s comments leave Razia squirming with trepidation.

The frame work guy brings Zoya’s photograph home and meets Asad instead. He tells Asad that Razia had come to meet him the other day and he now possesses details about the guy Zoya was inquiring after.

Humaira’s love upsets Ayaan
As Ayaan comes to the girls’ room he chances to look Humaira’s way and is reminded of Nikhat’s words that Humaira loves him. He sees the walls splashed with his photographs. Troubled by his errant thoughts, he gives Zoya a video call to ease his mind and asks her about love and attachment. Zoya appreciates his efforts of trying to know about love. She tells him that she has full knowledge on romance and love as she has seen all of Karan Johar’s movies and can guide him right.

Zoya recognizes Humaira
As Ayaan talks Humaira enters the room and Zoya manages to glance at her. She recognizes her immediately from the Fashion show day and remembers the efforts she had put in to woo Ayaan as a modern girl way back then! Zoya tries to tell him that Humaira cares for him deeply even if he is fond of modern girls. Zoya tells him that she will send him a few love quizzes to take that will help him out of this predicament!

Ayaan enters Humaira’s room and asks her about Nikhat and then asks Humaira to help him take a survey for a friend. As he quizzes her she blurts out her love for him and tries to cover up by saying that she took his name as she was getting late for her studies. Ayaan goes back with the confirmed fact that Humaira cares for him deeply.

Zoya’s father
As Zoya returns home from jogging she goes on talking and telling Asad about her midnight movie romps. Before she can continue further Asad tells her that he has found out about her father leaving Zoya in a visible tizzy. As Asad drives Zoya tells him that she has rehearsed for this day for ages.

Hasn’t Zoya relaised that Asad is exceptionally quiet? As they walk in Siddiqui stops by in his car and follows them inside the same way. Asad takes Zoya to a graveyard and stuns her as he shows her a grave. He tells her that this is her father’s grave and that he had died 15 years back, leaving Zoya in a pool of tears as she is unable to believe that her father has died . As Asad hugs her close to console her … we are able to see Siddiqui far off in the background!


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