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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on February 09, 2013

Is Rashid innocent?

The past incident with Rashid makes Dilshaad blurt out to Asad that he may be innocent regarding the past, and that there may be some other reason for his behavior. Unable to tolerate his mother siding with Rashid, Asad brushes her story aside and leaves.

Dilshaad is target

The police call Asad and inform him that the gunman who shot Dilshaad was not from the village Panchayat. He wonders why he had not paid attention to Zoya’s deduction. He asks Zoya “Ms Farooqui” about the whole story and she recollects that the gunman had not aimed at Mariam but at Dilshaad.

This information leaves Asad shocked as he understands that Dilshaad’s life is in grave danger. Zoya tells Asad about the trauma she faced when she saw Dilshaad lying in a pool of blood and is sure that the attack was intentionally planned for Dilshaad. They start to search for evidence and Zoya tells Asad how she fought with the guy during the attack and tore off his collar. They find the cloth piece in the parlour and use it to trace the gunman.

Ammi’s doubts rise

Meanwhile Ammi muses over Razia’s erratic behavior and tells Ayaan that she feels Siddique and Razia are planning something mean and nasty. Ammi fears that there is something that she is unable to place her finger on and remembers how Asad had come home to inform about Dilshaad being shot but the information had been ignored by Razia.

Shooting conspiracy
Siddique tells Razia to be careful with her actions as the past may be exposed to everyone. He tells her that the “shooting plan” for Dilshaad that was cracked by them may let the cat out of the bag. Razia tells her husband about Dilshaad’s call to Rashid regarding the proof of the “Doll factory” incident years ago. This was planned so that their scheming crime years ago could be hidden.

Razia in a fix

Ammi purposely tries to scare Razia into confession by talking about Dilshaad’s attack and comments on her shaking hands. Ammi tries to provoke the minds by arguing why anyone would shoot Dilshaad and asks Razia more about it. Ammi has managed to strike the nail on the head as she questions Razia how did she know Dilshaad had been shot when Asad had not mentioned a word about it.

Razia makes a call reprimanding someone and scolds the caller for the incomplete shootout deal. Zoya hears the doorbell and answers it but finds a bouquet of roses and a card lying. There is an anonymous invitation for a Valentine Day event.


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