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Posted by Minnie Mahendru on November 18, 2012

Aashka in the groping avatar

Remember how Urvashi made desperate attempts to escape the “groping feely-feely” hands of Sampat ji!! We have seen a lot of scampering and ducking from Urvashi’s side trying to shield herself from Sampat’s fondling hands. Now it is Aashka’s turn to go Sampat’s way.

The self-proclaimed “Badi Behen” Aashka was caught on the camera going all “feely-feely” over Sana. A touch here, a grab there, a fall together, a romp in the sheets. Yeh Kya hai bhai? Is this the “Badi behen“ wali feeling? Hmmm…

Radhe is one smart parrot, he managed to capture all these sly moments for our Salman bhai. Salman you felt you had competition from Vishal, but it seems the actual competition is actually “amongst the bucket of tears”.

Get geared up for another “alag che” Big Boss House

Aise NAHI JAANE DENGE apko, Aashka says Salman bhai. Not so soon, if no one cries how will our heart strings be wrenched around? We after all need your “constant whining” to pull our hair out. The frustrating pining and the hollering drive us around the bend every day; we would have missed it if you weren’t there, Aashka.

But you are going to have competition dearie! You will be sharing “house space” with a certain Imam Saddique who is a bundle of talent. He claims to be a poet, a dancer, a painter, a casting director, Whew...Keep on, an image consultant, and a political satirist all at the same time.

Imam Bhai, “Jack of all trades and master of none” Ehhem... Salman couldn’t resist calling him “Imam Saddique Sidhu” Hahaha...You have a sense of humor, Salman. The gentleman “Mr. Manoranjan” sashayed in to meet Salman dressed in “mighty” colored attire with gold specks falling off his hair. Imam promises to make people cry with his “wit and sarcasm” but only with dignity.

Chalo Aashka ji, more “Manoranjak” masala is thrown your way to make sure you never run out of tears... Now that was stupid comment on my part as I think the “tear tank” you possess has the “self filling” capacity and doesn’t need a third person to help overflow it.


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