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Posted by neera on April 01, 2012

Bike mishap
Hold your horses!! The ‘Chikni Chameli’ is not hiding a tattoo, nor did she forget to take off the bandage after a day’s shooting.

Kat suffered a burn injury while shooting for Yash Chopra's next with Shahrukh in London, a source close to the actor revealed.

“Nobody knows about this because Katrina didn’t go around talking about it to one and all. Injuries on sets do happen, but she doesn’t believe in making a big issue about it,” says the source.

“She was sitting on a bike, and when the bike tilted a little more than expected, the silencer, which was very hot, brushed against her skin. It was extremely painful, but she insisted on carrying on the shoot, dismissing her injury.

"It was only later, when the skin turned raw and the pain became unbearable that she went to the doctor to avoid any complications of the burn getting infected,” added the source.

Strange superstition
The Bollywood diva is not perturbed by the mishap. On the contrary she tried to downplay the incident calling it a stroke of luck.

The actress made a startling revelation, “Yes! I did get burnt on my leg with the silencer of a bike. But in the years that I’ve been an actress, I’ve come to regard injuries as good luck charms. Because, every time I get hurt or have an accident on a film set, that movie goes on to become a hit!”

Prone to injuries
Katrina Kaif is quite prone to injures on the sets. The lady bruised her nose on the sets of "Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani” when Ranbir Kapoor missed his cue and slapped her hard on the face.

In an underwater sequence while shooting for "De Dhana Dhan", Kat’s foot got entangled. All her efforts to extricate herself were in vain.

Fortunately, Akshay Kumar sensed her predicament and rescued the lady in distress.


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