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Posted by padmapreetham on February 18, 2012

A Marketing Strategy?
The lovemaking video has become a hit with the audience more than the earlier released trailer of the film. However some of the sources have revealed that leaking the video was one of the marketing strategies used to gain publicity for the film.

However Mahesh Bhatt denied all the reports about the publicity stunt. While speaking about the leaked video, the furious producer stated, “'Blood Money' is not a film like Murder. These leaked images won’t help the film. They will create the wrong kind of buzz since the clips don’t represent the essence of the film.”

The disappointed filmmaker was upset that the leaked video had garnered a lot of publicity on the web for the wrong reasons and said that this would go against the profile of his film.

“I am upset that this is being called a leak from our end to get attention. It goes against the profile of our film.”

About the Film
Blood Money, which has gone viral online after the sex scenes in the film leaked out, is apparently inspired from Bhatt’s 1986 film ‘Naam’.

Sharing his thoughts on the story of both his films, the filmmaker said, “In 'Naam', the hero is involved in illegal activities by choice, as he wants to make money. But in Blood Money, the hero falls into it by accident. The story is about being morally sound, until someone tempts you. Millions of youngsters go abroad with stars in their eyes, but in the movie, Kunal’s character’s dream turns into a nightmare.”


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