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Posted by neera on February 12, 2012

The Seven Hills source said, “He is expected to be on his feet by tomorrow. He can go home then or can stay back till Monday.”

A persistent pain in the abdomen had prompted the megastar to seek medical consultation.

The 69-year-old had undergone some tests and it was found that he needed surgery.

According to reports, a surgical team comprising of five doctors carried out a successful three hour operation on the actor for bilateral inguinal hernia.

Talking to media-persons after the surgery, Abhishek Bachchan said, “I just came out to say thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, wishes specially media for respecting our privacy. Dad had a small procedure today, which is the legacy of his 1982 accident.

"He is out after the surgery and back in his room, he is fine and he is hail and hearty, and talking. The doctors have said they’ll keep him here for 24 hours just for observation.”

Amitabh takes to Twitter
Post operation, the legendary actor was back on the micro-blogging website Twitter.

“Back ..!! Thank you for your prayers.. your love and wishes never fail.. indebted for life, one that I shall never be able to pay back,” he tweeted around 9 pm.

“Took almost 5 hrs on the OT, but could feel the concern and wishes of the TwFmXt (Twitter extended family, which is how Bachchan refers to his followers) — every minute .. you all are incredible .. thank you," he added.

Volunteering information about the surgery, Amitabh announced through a post on his blog that he had two operations.

“Took long because 2 surgeries had to be done on either side..yes there is pain, but nothing good in life ever achieved without it !” he wrote.

Heath woes since 1982
Health problems have hounded Big B ever since he had a near-fatal intestinal injury while filming a scene for Manmohan Desai's 'Coolie' on July 26, 1982.

He was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver in 2002 and was treated for perforated diverticula-holes in the wall of the intestine three years later.

The actor suffered problems in the stomach due to incisional hernia again in 2008.

Conversing about his body, Amitabh said, "It’s a war zone, my body… and one which has been through a great deal and still does."


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