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Posted by padmapreetham on December 16, 2011

And the latest we heard is that Kareena is quite happy that Karisma has made a comeback to the silver screen with ‘Dangerous Ishq’ after a long hiatus of eight years.

In fact, Kareena has been promoting her sister’s talent.

Meanwhile, even Karisma has been openly giving statements about Kareena’s marriage and confirmed that the wedding would happen after the release of ‘Agent Vinod.’

Also, Lolo is busy giving Bebo tips for her character of a struggling actress in her upcoming film ‘Heroine.'

Talking about the their closemess, a source stated that the sisters never keep any secrets from each other.

“The duo is also talking on behalf of each other even clarifying statements at interviews. While Lolo is often talking about her sister's wedding scene, Kareena is busy talking of her sister's filmy career and comeback of sorts.

Bebo is not just mentioning elder sister in all her interviews, she is making sure Karisma leaves no stone unturned to look like a million bucks post motherhood. Karisma is looking great, in the pink of health, has lost all the post natal weight, is wearing the best of designer wear and is looking like a diva. She is the brand ambassador for a number of brands, and is getting into deals and alliances as well. With the kids being handled by the family, she now set for the big comeback,” the source stated.

I love the daily challenge of being a mom, says Lolo
Seperately, it is being reported that Karisma has become the single largest investor in an online store for baby and mother care products.

The actress, who had recently launched the online store, shared her experiences of motherhood and the daily challenges of being mom.

Karisma said that motherhood has been the best job she has ever done.

“I love the daily challenge of being a mom and doing things right. The most important lesson that motherhood has taught me is how to be a selfless person, where nothing is more important than your child's happiness. I never knew I could ever be so sacrificial. I'm actually quite the maternal sort and always wanted four kids as a teenager.”

“But for now, I'm happy with two. I guess no amount of preparation is enough for motherhood, you just learn on the job. But Bebo has been fortunate to learn a lot about parenting through my experience. She's crazy about my kids and makes it a point to spend time with them. She too is quite protective and maternal. I'm sure she'll make a great mom,” Karisma stated.


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