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Posted by Vrushali Jimmy on November 09, 2011

Now that the arrival of the junior most Bachchan is nearing, it is the date of birth which has become the focus of all speculations.

150 Crore bet
A mind-boggling 150 crores has allegedly been bet on the birth date of the child.

11.11.11 is the date on which most bookies have placed their bets. The second favourite date is Children’s Day, that is 14 November.

Dad-to-be Abhishekh Bachchan and Big B have both denied that a C-section is being planned on Nov.11, a date which will, supposedly bring the child immense good fortune.

11.11.11 very lucky for baby
According to prominent numerologist, Sanjay Jumani, “If the kid is born on 11.11.11, then he/she will be governed by the moon and his birth number would be 2… with the moon being the planet with the maximum influence on the day, the kid’s creative abilities would be much sharper. Many musicians, actors and painters are ruled by the moon also has side- effects, which can make the person very sensitive and moody.”

There are many prominent Bollywood actors whose birth number is 2, and who have it big in life like Amitabh Bachchanm, Shahrukh Khan and Ajay Devgnn among others.

Coming from such a lineage, the Bachchan baby, however, should be able to gain fame and name without any assistance from numerology and astrology.

Seven Hills Hospital prepares for big arrival
Meanwhile, it is being reported that medical, security and housekeeping staff at the Seven Hills Hospital are working extra hard to ensure that privacy is maintained and that Aishwarya and the baby are comfortable and safe.

If rumors are to be believed then the fifth floor of the hospital has been completely refurbished for the former Miss World and Bachchan bahu, who is expected to give birth anytime after the 10 November.


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