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Posted by Sania Tabassum on September 25, 2011

However, the Bollywood diva claimed the divorce reports to be false and to set the records straight, she took to Twitter and stated that she is quite happy in her married life.

The dhak dhak girl also voiced that she is flying down to India along with her spouse and kids, and not alone.

“Enjoying marital bliss. Team Dixit-Nene on their way to India!,” tweeted Madhuri.

Recession is not the reason behind relocation, says Madhuri
When in a recent interview, Madhuri was asked if recession is the reason behind her relocation to India, the actress promptly denied it.

She added that her husband likes India and has always though of settling down in the country and thus, they are doing it now.

“Not at all. We have been fortunate enough not to be affected by it at all. Ram, is a doctor and he's in a profession that's always going to be much in demand. There have been so many unfortunate families who have been affected by recession and are going through hard times but we are fine.

“Truth is, Ram has always been fascinated by India and his heart always remained there whenever he's come to Mumbai. He wants to see the Howrah Bridge in Kolkata, Shimla in Himachal Pradesh, the Charminar in Hyderabad and the Ajmer Shariff dargah in Rajasthan as he's heard so much about them,” Madhuri told reporters.

Shifting is physically and emotionally taxing -- Madhuri
Sharing how she is feeling while packing her baggage for India, Madhuri said that shifting from one country to another is both, physically and emotionally difficult.

The actress told the daily, “Shifting from one country to another is physically and emotionally taxing. Right now, I am packing our stuff so we can come back in October. There's a whole gamut of emotions I am going through and there is a lot of packing to do... I have been here for 10 years and have friends here.

“We had two cats but both passed away last year. The kids are having mixed emotions - they are sad about leaving their best friends behind in the US but are excited as India is a different environment.”


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