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Posted by Sania Tabassum on August 18, 2011

Reportedly, in Vipul Shah’s ‘Force’, John has to sport a beefy, muscular look, whereas in Rohit Dhawan’s ‘Desi Boyz’, the hunk has to flaunt a slim, slender avatar, and as the shooting for both the movies is taking place at the same time, the hero is doing all he can to hold on to both the looks.

Talking about John and his efforts, an insider said, “John is very particular about his body and getting a desired look the healthy way. He doesn’t advocate short cuts at any cost.

“Desi Boyz requires a lean physique, while a macho and bulked up look is in order for him in Force. Everybody was worried, but John said that he’ll work out a proper regime.”

How did John manage to sport two diverse looks simultaneously?
Revealing how John and he worked hard to maintain the diverse looks simultaneously, the actor’s trainer Vinod Channa stated that they tried different fitness regime each day to get the desired results.

“It’s tough to gain eight kilos and still maintain six-pack abs. From his diet to his exercise regimen, John and I would change plans almost everyday to achieve the desired results. We’d also check regularly and see how his body was reacting to each plan, and then alter it accordingly,” John’s trainer told DNA.

However, though this time around John has managed well to please both the makers of his forthcoming movies, the actor makes sure not to fall into a similar kind of situation in future.

John Abraham, Sanjay Gupta bond big time
Of late, reports are trickling in that actor John Abraham and filmmaker Sanjay Gupta are bonding big time.

Formerly, Sanjay Gupta shared a good rapport with Sanjay Dutt, but apparently, because of some unknown reasons, their association has turned sour now.

Scuttlebutt has it that Sanjay Gupta and his new buddy John are having plans of co-producing films together.


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