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Posted by Zyana Irani on July 29, 2011

As per tabloids, Rakhi will be donning C-string lingerie for her new reality show ‘Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyan’, which is to be aired on NDTV Imagine from today at 10 p.m.

Speaking about her C-string inhibitions, Rakhi, as quoted in Hindustan Times, said: “I’ve been inspired by reality TV star Kim Kardashian to wear C-string panties in my show. Usme strings nahi hai, use pehnna daring wala kaam hai.”

Apparently, the B-town item girl has even lost nearly 12-15kgs of flab to look sizzling on her new reality show.

A-list actors can’t dance, says Rakhi
In recent times, as more and more A-list actors are taking up item numbers and are enjoying doing it, the industry’s original item girls like Rakhi Sawant are eventually left with no item song offers.

When asked for her reaction on it, Rakhi said that the A-list actors are indeed leaving them with no work, but then they doesn’t even know how to dance.

“I’m so hurt. They’re so hungry ki item number bhi karne lage hain. Unko nachna bhi nahi aata. Sheila aur Munni ki shoot main 2 ghante mein kar deti, not 8hrs,” voiced Rakhi.

Rakhi: ‘Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyan’ is the baap of all reality shows
When asked about her soon-to-be telecasted reality show, Rakhi said that her show is the baap of all reality shows.

Further talking about her upcoming show, Rakhi disclosed that she had come across several strange cases on the show, and she feels such cases will not only shock the audiences, but will also make them laugh.

Thus, her show is different from other reality shows, and hopefully will keep the spectators entertained.

"There are so many reality shows across the channels but my show is the baap of all of them. It's a comedy show that will bring to you some of the most bizarre stories from across the country.

“I have heard some strange cases like a wife divorcing her husband just because he couldn't buy her a burger and two neighbours sending ghosts to each others' houses to trouble each other,” said Rakhi at the press meet for her show in Delhi.


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