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Posted by Yashika kapoor on April 13, 2011

Not only this, he also features in a new PETA advertisement, in which he is seen promoting vegetarianism and urging people to give up on their non-vegetarian eating habit and adopt a vegan life culture.

Talking about being a veggie, the ‘Kaminey’ star said, "I am very happy being a vegetarian and I believe that it is the best way to be.”

“The day I started believing in the fact that I would want not to kill animals for my taste buds, that is the day everything changed for me. I am a very homely kind of a person and I like rajmah chawal cooked at my father's place,” Shahid said.

About the PETA commercial
The lensman behind the PETA commercial, featuring the 30-year-old actor, was ace photographer Atul Kasbekar and the shooting took place in a studio, located in Mumbai’s Andheri area.

Titled as ‘Chicks Love a Vegetarian’, the advertisement focuses on the fact that by being a vegetarian, the person was saving a life of a chick.

“The promo shows Shahid, 30, dressed in a white buttoned down dress shirt with sleeves casually rolled up, holding two chicks on his palm,” revealed a source.

I love chicks, says Shahid
The latest PETA advertisement, which is now available on the internet and the promos of which have been released, has Shahid educating the people on the benefits of a vegan diet and also how giving up on eating animals, could help save lives of millions of animals every year all over the globe.

"I love chicks... pigs, cows, fish, and all the other animals too. That's why I turned vegetarian," said Shahid.

“If you don't believe chicks love vegetarians, it is only because you didn't peck your way out of an egg that escaped landing on someone's breakfast table,” he informed.

Well, it's a sweet thing that Shahid is doing and we hope he will have many supporters!


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