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Posted by Yashika kapoor on March 15, 2011

Reportedly, the actress, who comes with a lot of dos and don'ts before signing a project, has been roped in opposite veteran actor Kamal Haasan in a South Indian film for a whopping amount of 2 crore.

A close source said, "She's getting paid a bomb and is getting to work on her terms and conditions. What more can one ask for?"

Well, the ‘Dabangg’ actress has said no to lip-locks, donning bikinis and getting intimate with co-stars in the movies. And while the script of director Selvaraghavan's untitled project did demand a few raunchy scenes, the scenes were chopped for the lady.

Age won’t deter her playing Haasan’s wife
The 33-year-old tinsel town star is excited about working opposite Haasan in the Tamil film and she thinks that age won’t dissuade her from playing his wife.

“Why should that be a problem? Once you are on the sets in front of the camera, your age should not matter. I will be respectful but an equal on the sets with Kamal Haasan,” she gushes confidently.

She further clarified that she never felt she was a child, when she worked with Salman in ‘Dabangg’ or with Akshay in her yet-to-release ‘Joker’.

"I never felt like a child while working with Salman in Dabangg (2010) and now with Akshay in Joker. In real life, age makes no difference in a marriage.

“On screen too, your biological age is of no consequence. Salman and Akshay are a lot older than me so it's not as if I am suddenly going from teenybopper co-stars to a co-star of another generation,” she said.

Sonakshi wants to establish off-screen rapport with Haasan
Meanwhile, Sinha is working hard on her character and said that she has planned to watch ‘Hey Ram’, to see how Vasundhara Das and Kamal Haasan managed to get such a striking chemistry in the movie.

Also, she said that it was essential to build an off-screen rapport with Haasan so as to get into a comfort zone on screen.

“Acting with him is difficult enough. Playing his wife will require me to have a lot more guts,” the actress said.


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